Episode 16

Okay, our 16th ep is about Candles! How cute is that? 16 Candles. Cute cute kewt. Game of Thrones premiered this week so we thought we'd take it BACK TO DA WINTAH. We recorded this guy in the cooler months and wanted to unveil it now, because, honestly, when are candles not en vogue? In vogue? En vogue. Ashley and Liz chat all things fire and wax, throw in some Nate Berkus love for good measure, and chat AMBIENCE in general. Oh Ashley was in a sorority. We're in a mellow mood. Hop on the train, love haters!

Episode 15
(with Alicia Roman)

We're back, love haters!!! NBC Chicago meteorologist Alicia Roman joins us and let's just say the forecast is looking HOT because today we're talking engagements, weddings, closet space, scientology and HARRY POTTER.. Alicia's husband Nick gets in on the action (we only have three microphones so we employed a "tap in" system if Nick *really* needed to say something - I mean, we're talking *seamless* production, people).

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+ Alicia and Nick's engagement

+ Alicia and Nick's wedding entrance

+ Mama's Family