GUYS GUYS GUYS. Great ep today because (look around, look around) we're welcoming ARI AFSAR on Love/Hate today! Ari stars as Eliza in Hamilton Chicago (~run don't walk~ to see this woman in action) and today we're having a ~period~ chat (and not period like NEW YORK CITY - sev-sev-seventeen time period -- period like the one women get). Ari takes us through her Thinx thoughts (it's passionate, love haters), feminism, Demi Lovato and more...we cover lotsa lotsa ground people. Check Ari out on all the social media (@ariannaafsar)and watch out for her HOT E.P. coming out this fall. ALSO WE'RE ON INSTAGRAM TODAY! Follow us @lovehatepodcast for updates <3

Arianna Afsar (she's a badass. Activist. Artist. Entrepreneur.)

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A great photo of Ashley, Ari and Liz: