I'm Just One of Those People with Janice V. Rodriguez

Today we're joined by stand up Janice V. Rodriguez! Janice is the co-producer of Latina comedy showcase Las Locas Comedy in Chicago. Janice has that problem so many have...she's the type of person strangers just gravitate to (sometimes in, um, inappropriate situations). She's truly the best and you're gonna love this one, love haters!! 

with nate marshall

Amazing ep for you, love haters! Today we're talking BRUNCH and we're joined by Chicago poet/sweetheart/budding comedian Nate Marshall. We're not sure about you, but we have never met a capital-P Poet before - and trust us when we say GO FIND A POET TO TALK TO IMMEDIATELY. These are good people. Nate is the author of Wild Hundreds and the director of National Programs for Young Chicago Authors. His album, Grown is available on Soundcloud. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, he has some **extremely** hot takes on brunch. 

Read "When I Say Chicago" here. It is incredibly beautiful.